We have an exciting year planned with several different exciting events!

This year we are hoping to help riders experience more then the ring! So many fun events planned. We have a wonderful obstacle course connection where riders can negotiate over 30 obstacles. We are offering clinics as well as play dates!

Double C Mountain Trail Beginner Clinic 4/23/22

Double C Mountain Trail Play Date 5/14/22

Double C Mountain Trail Benefit Play Date 7/16/22

We offer Cavalleti clinics at By Chance Farm. This is an opportunity to practice learning better balance, improving gait quality and rider posture and enhancing horse/rider communication for all riders across many disciplines. No matter what your focus, these clinics can help you and your horse!

Double CC Events flyer

By Chance Farm Cavalleti Clinic 2/26/22

By Chance Farm Cavalleti Clinic 3/12/22

By Chance Farm Cavalleti Clinic 4/3/22

By Chance Farm Cavalleti 6/26/22

By Chance Farm Cavalleti Clinic 7/23/22

By Chance Farm Cavalleti Clinic 8/14/22

Check out our cross country schooling days! We get to practice jumping obstacles out in the open fields!

Cross Country Schooling 3/20/22

Cross Country Schooling 4/14/22

Once again we are offering the Pony Swim at High Tide Farm!

Pony Swim at High Tide Farm 6/19/22

Family Fun Night and More!

Check out our Day and Summer Camp page to learn more about our camp offerings!

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