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We are pleased to present a curriculum-based riding program

We do more than just ride in circles! Our Farm specializes in English Balance Seat with a curriculum to encourage the development of new skills offered exclusively at Nicker's Retreat, LLC Our curriculum is a progressive educational opportunity where learning is more important than winning awards. But don't worry, we love to pass out certificates and earn ribbons! Developing knowledge, encouraging goal setting, and promoting safety of riders is the goal at every level of this program.

The following horsemanship skills are guidelines for the development of students enrolled in our lessons at Nicker's Retreat, LLC. A foundation of basic skills must be mastered for a rider and a horse to perform advanced levels of horsemanship. Each level is carefully designed to give the student the skills needed to improve and master each level.

We are pleased to present a curriculum-based riding program

Little Nickers: Introduces basic riding skills for children under the age of 6. These are 30-minute lead line lessons.

Beginner: Introduces basic knowledge required for grooming, tacking and riding. This level focuses on the rider's ability to start, stop, and steer at the walk.

Beginner Lessons Have Limited Availability!

Level 1: Introduces the trot and continues to enhance safe riding and handling skills.

Level 2: For students who can trot but may not be ready for the canter. This level introduces ground handling and solidifies balance at the trot.

Level 3: Introduces canter, jumping, and intermediate ground handling skills. This level emphasizes the rider's ability to demonstrate correct body position while using proper aids.

Level 4: Introduces basic lateral movements while focusing on transition accuracy and solidifying correct rider position. (Instructor recommendation required)

Level 5: Solidifies the skills required for independent rider balance and the ability of the rider to affect the horse's balance in all gaits.

Show Team: For students who commit to compete during our show season. This is an extended lesson to solidify Grooming and Showmanship skills, horse preparation, equipment presentation, as well as riding skills.

Little Nickers | 30 minute/$40

Group: Beginner & Levels 1-5 | 1 hour/$50

Private Lessons | 1 hour/$60 by appointment

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